A stark reminder of man’s omnipresence within the landscape. Physically, the telecommunication structures stand solitary within the grand landscape and are governed by the emotive power of nature. Purpose built with the elements in mind, the crude structures stray from the comfort of the otherwise soft, rolling hills and green relief. Often allocated to sites with great vantage over the dictative surroundings, the presence of the masts withhold ownership on the elevated space. In an almost liminal coexistence, they have become culturally accustomed to, and have come to act as natural landmarks. They present conflicting concepts, as on the one hand, they represent this smallness and insignificance of man within the natural world, but through their opposition to the landscape, they also serve as reminder of the large impact they present in the vastly developing modern world; even in seemingly untouched boundaries, man’s influence on modernity inevitably creeps in and reaches outwards on any given space.